Things I Love to Watch

Things I Love to Watch: Trash 4Ever Edition

I am so good at TV. I’m so good at trash TV. Here’s what I’ve been loving lately.

Logo’s I’m a Stripper is a God damn gem. It’s available on AmazonPrime and will haunt you forever. I highly recommend the first episode and the Boylesque episode. Wrap yourself in the tanned and roid rage filled bodies of frightening strippers. Enjoy the intelligent insights from the burlesque dancers (James and the Giant Pasty, I love you). Revel in the wide spectrum that is sexuality. Wonder what year it was filmed in because who wears True Religion jeans anymore? Be shocked when you Google the answer.

A&E’s Escaping Polygamy is surprisingly inspirational and I hesitate to qualify it as trash, but lbr, it’s a reality show about pretty ex-Mormons. It is a legitimately moving show and the episodes about trying to get people’s parents out of the cult have forced out a tear or two. The women who star in this show are testaments to the fact that females are strong as hell. When I found out that A&E was premiering Leah Remini’s Scientology show I was hoping for a Scientology version of this and was a little disappointed (but I still watched every episode!). I have so many questions about the production of Escaping Polygamy. How much is real? What is staged? How do we get these ladies federal funding to continue the good work that they do? At what point after leaving a polygamist cult do you find a good hair stylist and do away with the crunchy curls? Can we execute all men?

Lifetime’s My Crazy Ex is one of the worst TV shows I have ever seen, but I love it and watched every episode. Absolutely everything about this show is fake. It’s like a really, really funny version of the latest season of American Horror Story. The stories are predictable (of course that guy was dating that gal because he wanted to have sex with her car) and the puns are horrific. I want this show played on a loop on my gravestone when I die. If I were a Make a Wish kid my wish would be to spend a day in the writer’s room for this show. Please Lifetime, never cancel this absolute gem.