We Think You Have a Future in Porn

As I try to figure out what to do with this website, and whether or not I am ready to share my writing with the world again, I am republishing some of my favorite posts from my old blog, Gallery Pieces.

We Think You Have a Future in Porn was first published on May 25, 2011.

We know you are a pretty girl. But we also know that when you catch a glance in that mirror, any mirror, you ask, “Who the fuck is that bitch?”

Her make up’s running, her nose is not right, and why is one eye wider than the other.

But when we look closer, so much closer, we see the beautiful shining face of us. Yes! That is me, that is the pretty girl that lives inside my head, there is my soul crying out from the other side of the glass, Mr. Kundera.

We are not vain, you are not vain. You, we just want the world to see the sultry, beautiful sex Goddess that lurks behind every awkward laugh and misplaced step. Maybe you dated a photographer who told you that you were not photogenic (don’t worry, I’m not either baby), maybe in middle school you were teased for having too big teeth, or maybe no one ever loved you enough.

So there you are on photobooth, girl! There I am too. There we all are, posing with our cleavage out in full force, our makeup done for the demanding internet audience who loves us so. It is not just the attention that you want, baby girl, it is the knowledge that one brief moment of beautiful, controlled, and feigned vulnerability has been captured for all to see.

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