Things I Love to Put in My Home

Things I Love to Put in My Home: So You’re Living By Yourself Again Edition

Today marks 1 whole year in my current apartment. This is the longest I’ve lived in one apartment since I left New York almost 4 years ago, and the biggest apartment I’ve lived in without roommates or a significant other. Decorating an entire one bedroom by yourself is amazing. Here is what I’ve bought for this place in the year that I’ve been here.

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This set of dining chairs from GreenForest was the first major purchase I made for my apartment (PS, I did not spend $174 on them, if you’re interested you should keep an eye out for price drops or just look at any of the other very similar listings). They come in a set of 4 and are chic as hell. They are incredibly comfortable (more comfortable than similar, more expensive, styles at West Elm and the like) and hold up to the daily beatings my cats give them. I’ve styled them with some vintage needlepoint pillows and an antique dining table.

This Roomba knockoff changed my life. I have two cats, two litter boxes, and a whole bunch of litter that gets tracked everywhere. Fair warning, it barely picks up a thing on my rugs but it’s amazing at picking up the tumbleweeds of cat hair and S’wheat Scoop litter that are slowly plotting to take over my apartment.

These 10 Strawberry Street Cooler Glasses are the perfect water glasses. They’re sturdy and weighty but still simple and elegant. They also look a hell of a lot more expensive than they actually are.


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One day I got a bug up my butt and I absolutely needed a pink felt letter board. Letter boards, particularly pink ones, are definitely more pinteresty than my usual taste but I love it. For a while a cycled through Frank O’Hara poems. Now I just have a delightful reminder. Don’t buy one from or Urban Outfitters or whatever other trendy Millenial focused retailer has one at an insane markup. You can get an incredibly affordable one from any office supply retailer.

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These animal coasters are no longer available on West Elm’s website, but I bought them in store yesterday. I am surprisingly picky about coasters and it took me a  year almost exactly to find a set that I liked enough to put in my home. Maybe my table will forgive me. Here’s a different set from West Elm that I also really like, maybe I’ll get them for my living room.