Things I Love to Wear

Things I Love to Wear: JEWELRY. It’s a Thing.

Jewelry! Honestly, I hardly wear it (save for a few rings and a gold bracelet) but there’s nothing better to elevate a daily uniform of t-shirt and jeans.


This pendant necklace from MG Stilwaggon Designs is bad ass. Full disclosure, MG was my roommate in college and I absolutely adore her. She’s an incredibly talented artist and jewelry is like mini pieces of art at that you can wear. Buy some art! It’s an investment.


I didn’t know that I needed a giant ass cocktail ring until I saw this giant ass cocktail ring from Stellarium Jewelry. You guys! It has metaphysical properties! Perhaps I am drawn to it because my boyfriend is a Pisces and I’m getting over a sore throat? Maybe I just like giant shiny things. For all you Baltimoreans, Stellarium Jewelry can also be found at Milk & Ice in Hampden (where you can find FUCKING BOLO TIES. BOLO TIES FOREVER).


I may be totally against feet and feet adjacent jewelry, but this anklet is alright. Like, I love Double Indemnity so how against anklets can I really be? Besides the only time I took a real hard stance against foot jewelry was when my mother told me she wanted a toe ring. Who wants their mother wearing a toe ring? Speaking of moms though, something about this anklet paired with a Birkenstock just screams sexy Brooklyn Mom to me and, you know what? I’m okay with that.

Things I Love to Put in My Home

Things I Love (to Put in My Home) Secondhand Furniture Edition

I’m moving (to New Orleans!!!) in the fall and have been looking at home decor porn and dreaming of sweaty jazzy nights. I even made a pinterest board for my theoretical house in New Orleans. Anyways, here’s some second hand furniture I’ve found throughout the Internet.


This credenza actually belongs to a friend of mine. It’s cute AF though. Someone in NYC better fucking buy it. Put it in your entryway! At the foot of your bed? I don’t know!


This wood panel screen is super chic and from the hidden gem that is Apartment Therapy’s marketplace. My dad has one that I am 100% going to steal the next time I move. Sorry Dad. Anyways, this one is available for pick up in Baltimore.

Peacock chairs are a true gift. I want one just so that I can recreate scenes from Suddenly Last Summer. Too bad I will never be rich and fabulous enough to have a fucking green house. We all need a good rattan chair and some Tennesee Williams.

Things I Love to Do

Things I Love (to Do) Weekend of March 24th, 2017

The Station North Flea Market at the Wind Up Space will be a great time. Buy some vintage clothes from me. Drink a drink. Catch a movie at The Charles. See my friends play a show at Downsquares across the street. Look, I just planned your Saturday.

Yayoi Kusama, Infinity Mirrors because the crowds have (mostly) died down. Take a bunch of pictures for your Instagram and let me make fun of you.

Make a fucking terrarium it’s cute and isn’t totally oversaturated yet. When will we know succulents and terrariums have reached their peak?? When there’s a snap chat filter that makes your head look like a succulent? When there’s some horrible political drama that somehow has to do with cacti and Donald Trump? I, for one, look forward to a generation of Baddie Winkle wannabes grandmas with faded Hawarthia fasciata tattoos. Anyways, plants are great for the air quality in your home and I, for one, need as many vaguely healthy things in my life as possible.

Go for a walk. Please. It will make you feel better.