Things I Love to Put on My Face

Things I Love (to Put on My Face) Glossy, Dewy, Shiny Edition

Makeup and skincare are blessings from on high. Let us celebrate this blessing with a bevy of links.



@katiejanehughes on Instagram

Katie Jane Hughes’ Instagram is important. Follow her on a journey towards natural feather brows, graphic eyeliner, and glossy lids.

Craft glitter is the ultimate shiny highlight. Last time I was in NY I went to The Royal Palms and my friend Karen and I attacked a server because we were obsessed with the glitter on her face. She happily told us that it was just regular craft glitter and she didn’t need anything to stick it to her face, it just stayed. Try it with some minimal makeup for a fresh look and maybe a dab of Vaseline for an extra glossy cheek.

The Ordinary’s Argan Oil is plain old Argan oil. Guess what though, it doesn’t cost a stupid amount of money. It’s $6.80. Six dollars and eighty cents. Six dollars and eighty cents. AND IT’S 30 FUCKING ML. I have long been a fan of using Argan oil in my hair but now that I have such an inexpensive bottle I use it all over. I love using argan oil as a last step in my skincare before moisturizer. Seriously. This stuff saved my skin this winter. It’s also great for cuticles and once I used it as chap stick.


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