Things I Love to Wear

Things I Love (to Wear) S.A.D. & Pink Edition

There was one week where it felt like spring and everything was good and right in the world (hahaha just kidding, Donald Trump is our president and my bank account is wasting away). Let’s go back to that week. Or fast forward to when it’s warm again. Either one works for me. But what are you gonna wear after this journey through time?


reformationkingpin.jpgThis Reformation top is a real gem. I guess it’s not weather specific but whatever. Pop it on over some frayed edged ankle jeans and drink some beers in the sun. You deserve it.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 10.20.12 PM

These ASOS mules are Maryam Nassir Zadeh knockoffs but, guess what, I can’t afford the real thing. So I ordered these at 2 AM when I was sad and could not sleep. Then there was a snow storm and now they still aren’t here.


This Loeil dress is velvet so probably great for winter but its cut and spaghetti straps make it the perfect dress for climate change addled transitional weather. Also, it reminds me of this matching velvet turtleneck top/mini skirt combo my great grandmother and I used to wear. Let’s ride this velvet trend hard for the next few months until we’re all absolutely sick of it.


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