Things I Love to Read

Things I Love (to Read) Stella Edition

Ice pooping out of the skies means I have an excuse to follow intellectual pursuits, like reading.

Exist West by Mohsin Hamid Okay, so I have not actually read this (shhh) but I’m gonna recommend the crap out of it. It’s a prescient and magical novel about immigration. Read about it here and add it to your book list.

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead I read Colson Whitehead’s John Henry Days in college and I fucking loved it. When I heard about his latest novel I got too excited. What if Porscha from Real Housewives of Atlanta was right and the underground railroad was a real god damn railroad? This is an impeccable work of fiction that is going to very quickly make its way into cool history teachers’ classrooms. Get ready to cry, get ready to have to take a bunch of moments, and sit back and enjoy Oprah’s latest book club pick.

This insane bit of Internet drama is, honestly, what I spent the majority of my day on Tuesday reading. Is the Encyclopedia Dramatica still a thing? Watch Internet history in near time. If that thread was not enough there’s this onethis one, and this whole subreddit.


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